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Our Mission

To cover the world, one seat at a time allowing everyone to travel smart, safely and in style. 

Our Story

Being avid travelers both of us have witnessed firsthand how dirty and grimy airplanes can be, especially the seat! We searched and a soft reusable and washable seat cover didn’t exist. Then the pandemic hit, we knew we had to follow through and create the perfect seat cover for travel. We set out to make something cozy from home, lightweight, washable and antibacterial. We wanted it to come in a pouch, easy to throw in your bag and super simple to place on your seat, wherever you plan to sit. Introducing Seat Sacky!


We are so pleased with our product and plan to expand our line, adding new colors and styles for kids too. We’ve got you covered, one seat at a time!


Co-founders, Seat Sacky


About Us

Robin and Stacy met over a set of Prismacolor markers at Syracuse University. They have been sharing art supplies and creating many things ever since.


Prior to sewing Seat Sacky’s first sample, Robin worked in TV production as a producer, associate director and editor. She loves to travel and always has her camera in hand. Her incredible ability to capture light, shapes and “moments in time” is now being shared with the world at Robin lives in Westchester, NY with her husband Michael, 3 children (Jeff, Alexa and Paige), and their dog, Tucker.

Stacy has been working in the children’s toy and entertainment world as a Creative Director for many years. She recently followed her dreams and “pivoted” to inventor. Her first creation is Huggaluggas®, a plush backpack (a Monkey and a Sloth) that is sold at and will soon be in many retail stores. She is excited to team up with Robin on this second invention, Seat Sacky! Stacy lives in NYC with the world’s most handsome dog, Oliver.

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