Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Seat Sacky seat cover?

Seat Sacky works as a barrier between you and the seat, protecting you from the germs and allergens that linger on them. The pouch is attached so no more storing your items in the dirty seatback pockets. Plus they’re soft and cozy!

What sort of seats does Seat Sacky fit?

Seat Sacky fits many different types of seats including airplane seats, bus and train seats, theater seats and the list goes on!

How does Seat Sacky fit so well on such a wide variety of seats?

The elastic top allows Seat Sacky to stretch and stay put on almost all chairs.

Is the pouch attached?

Yes, the pouch is attached and has two functions. (1) The seat cover fits easily inside the pouch when you’re not using it and (2) While you’re seated, the pouch is the perfect place to keep your eyeglasses, cellphones, earbuds and more.

Is Seat Sacky easy to use?

Yes, it takes less than 15 seconds to pull the cover from the pouch and place it securely on your seat.

Is it easy to put Seat Sacky back into the pouch?

Yes, it takes only seconds to roll back into the pouch, pull the drawstring and off you go!

Are Seat Sacky seat covers reusable?

Yes, the soft fabrics are anti-bacterial and washable.

How do I care for my Seat Sacky?

Our seat covers are completely washable. We recommend washing with like colors in cold water. Tumble dry low.

Where do you ship and what are your shipping options?

Free shipping within the continental United States

Did You Know?

The germiest place on an airplane is the aisle headrest. Headrests can carry bacteria, E.coli and has the highest aerobic count. Think about it, people use the headrest to balance themselves when they are returning from the bathroom. Enough said.

The second dirtiest part on an airplane is the seat back pocket. They are cleared of rubbish but rarely cleaned. Flight attendants have found dirty tissues, used sick bags, gum, socks and even dirty diapers in there.

We actually made our first Seat Sacky prototype 2 years ago - way before covid started. Now we all need a Seat Sacky more than ever!

Most airlines do a thorough cleaning in their planes overnight. That means the last flight of the day is most probably the dirtiest. Book early flights!

It is most important to treat an airplane or travel seat like any public seat. Practice good hygiene habits to help limit your exposure to germs. After all, you have been covering your face, now is the best time to cover your seat with Seat Sacky.

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